Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Some more Hotpads

These are made in the double-face technique. You cast on with both colors at the same time and knit one color while purling the other. Then you switch colors around to achieve the pattern you are trying make. This way, both sides of the piece will be in stockinette stich (no purls visible).


Kayleen said...

Just beautiful! Thank you for leading me by your kind comment to your blog. I love your blog and I love your knitting. I have marked your blog as one I will visit often. One of these days I will sit down and try the double knitting as it would certainly help with my ugly backs, but boy I wish I had you sitting right there next to me when I try it.


Composition Queen said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, Kayleen. I appreciate it very much! I have found a German website showing how to double-face knit. Perhaps the pictures there are helpful. If I can help you in any way to knit one of those projects, I would love to assist you step-by-step!


Composition Queen said...

oh yeah... here is the link:

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