Saturday, July 28, 2007

no reciprocation

you want to care
for each and every one of them
but they don't give a damn
not even for themselves


pass notes
or even text on cells

have not a single qualm
to put their heads on desks
and doze

as I
do song and dance
and give my spiel
so they have
tools and crutches

helping them
to inch along
the slippery slope
of freshman life
and make it
to the fourteenth week

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Socks with boomerang heel

This weekend (despite reading Harry Potter 7 one and a half times) I made a pair of socks (children*s) trying the boomerang heel for the first time and I must say, I liked it! It is much easier and faster, but also keeps the sock tighter, so using as few stitches as I usually do for an adult sock (48) might not work. I will have to try.

I also, of course, made a pair for the kiddy's mom.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Minky needed company...

but she has no name yet. suggestions?


And just to prove how contagious knitting is, here is the Afghan that the bhoa (best husband of all) has knitted himself while I was Germany!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I went to the City of Music to do some of the administrative things necessary when going to a new university. Entering the PhD program certainly is exciting, I so hope that I will be able to make it.

Anyway, yesterday things like W4, direct deposit, parking decal (faculty or not? since I will be a TA), student ID were on the agenda. The system did not allow to get the decal yet, but I will be on it, and hope that it will not be too much of a pain in the neck.

I know, for sure, however, that knitting will help me keep my sanity throughout the next years!

I have not much been into

knitting since coming back. I had started a sock on the airplane from Germany and have not had the inclination to finish it, even though it is the most beautiful yarn. I did, however make another bear. I have had the wonderful furry mink-type yarn for a while and it is has been demanding to be turned into a teddy bear. Last night I was up until O-dark-thirty to finish her. So now I can proudly present


Back in Tennessee

I have been back home for a week now. So it is time perhaps, to show how the double-facing hotpads turned out that went to my mother together Ms. Bear.

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