Sunday, August 12, 2007

about not knitting...

I just can't do without. So I had to start a new project while I wait for the yarn shipment from Denmark. I seem to have figured that my shoulder got injured not from the knitting motion, but from the jerk I make, when I pull more thread from the center of the ball. So I have been trying to avoid this and if nothing else, the pain has not become worse.

This mystery project is from a gathering of lace with a relatively thick Junghans yarn. While it is a stole pattern, it will become more like a lap throw, I think. But nothing is decided and we will see how it turns out.


Monika said...

It it is what I think it is, I'm going to make this with my own handspun yarn! ;o)

schmollfisch said...

Huhu Bea!
Was für eine Vorlage ist das denn?
Es sieht aus wie ein Kreis. Wird das rund?
Schreib doch mal, auf welcher Seite das steht, bitte.
Gruß vom schmofi!

Composition Queen said...

es ist der runde schal, der vor deinem letzten projekt im buch ist...

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