Thursday, May 24, 2007


When we emigrated to the US from Germany five years ago, a lot of stuff ended up with my parents for further disposal. Well... as a born again knitter on vacation in Germany, I just got a stash of wonderful white and dark blue cotton, 10 skeins to be precise. Mom said, they were in the things we left behind. I have no recollection of the yarn. But then, who cares. My hands are busy while we are vacationing in Germany.

I chose a pattern from Sabrina and instead of making the sweater all white, I am starting with blue at the bottom. Because I was not sure how far the white would reach, I made the sleeves right after I used up all of the blue. Then I knitted the front and back of the sweater and the collar. This left me with 2 white skeins. Since I wanted the top longer anyhow, I then proceeded to cut the sweater apart just above the blue section. Currently I am knitting away the two extras and then I will put it all back together again in knit-stitch and no-one will be any wiser...

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